About us

Who is PRA Group Polska?

PRA Group Polska is a subsidiary of the PRA Group capital group. We are one of the largest buyers of debts from reputable banks and other institutions in the country. We help our customers find a way out of their debt with us and to help regain control over their finances. We work in accordance with applicable law, best market practices, and, at the same time, fully respecting the dignity and rights of our customers. We have been licensed by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (UKNF) to manage the assets of securitization closed-end investment funds. We are a member of the Association of Financial Companies in Poland and adhere to the Good Practices adopted by the Association.

Our goal is to make debt repayment fair and affordable.

High standards for how we treat people.

We know that no one wants to find themselves in debt and we are committed to helping our customers overcome their financial obstacles. We are a member of the Association of Financial Companies in Poland and adhere to the Good Practices adopted by the Association.

Debt happens, so can recovery.

Why is my debt currently serviced by PRA Group Polska?

When your account with a bank or finance company went into default, they sold your debt to Horyzont Non-Standardised Debt Closed End Investment Fund based in Warsaw, and we were entrusted with management of your debt. We believe this is good news, as we offer our customers options and flexibility to repay their debts, paying special attention to treating each of them with due care and respect.

What does the debt repayment process look like at PRA Group Polska?

When banks and finance companies have a customer account that goes into default, they will often sell that account to a company like PRA Group Polska. The contractual agreement you had with your original provider is transferred to us and you now owe the debt to PRA Group Polska. This is good news, as we specialize in working with customers to help them resolve their debt with flexible repayment options.

We are here to help you understand the debt repayment process and find the best solution together. Most importantly, we are committed to working together to find you an appropriate payment plan that is both sustainable and affordable.

You can check the available options on our Customer Website or by contacting our consultants via telephone or Live Chat.

What are the next steps?

If you’re a PRA Group Polska customer, your path to repayment begins here:
1. Sign in to review your account and learn exactly what you owe.
2. Figure out the possibilities offered by the Customer Website and how to manage your debts online.
3. Create your own repayment plan that fits your budget and resolves your debt.

We know that everyone’s situation is unique, so if you’re uncertain about any of this and need help, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Our core principles

All PRA employees pay particular attention to the way we treat one another and our customers, and how we fulfill our duties towards our shareholders, regulators, clients, and other entities. The principles detailed below serve as a reflection of our corporate and organisational culture. Our goal is for every PRA employee to personalise and live these shared values –because they are guidelines for everything we do.

COMMITTED to always doing our best.
ACCOUNTABLE for our actions.
RESPECTFUL in our mutual interactions.
ETHICAL in every situation.
SUCCESSFUL in helping our customers.